A Preschool Website that Feels Like Home – Client Feature

When making an important decision like choosing a preschool for your child, the search almost always starts online. We created a preschool website to help this local business make sure their first impression is a great one.

December 28, 2020

Preschool is an important part of a child’s growth and will set them up to be successful as they enter school. When it comes to choosing a preschool, parents commit to hours of research, tours of learning centers, and most likely a few pro and con lists before choosing where their child will spend their days. Preschool websites should offer information that can help parents make this decision.

Without a personal recommendation, the first impression parents have of a preschool is their website or social media sites. That’s where they say, “this is a place I could see my kid” or “hmmm…I’m not so sure.”

When we started working with Mary-Go-Round Preschool in Hooksett, NH, we learned about their dedication to providing a quality preschool education. We toured their warm and friendly center. We saw pictures of the children that enjoyed their days at Mary-Go-Round. But, when we looked at their preschool website, which hadn’t been updated in a while, we didn’t quite get that same warm feeling or comfort in the quality of their services.

Their old site worked and it had some good information, but the aesthetic and user experience definitely needed some work.

A Preschool Rebrand

The first piece of this project was a rebrand. Mary-Go-Round wanted to update their branding to move away from the merry-go-round image and shift to something more modern, but still playful and fun. We were careful to avoid the typical building blocks and handprints seen in so many preschool logos and landed on a colorful crayon scribble that will help Mary-Go-Round stand out.

Mary-Go-Round New Logo

After finalizing the new logo and style guide, it was time to move on to their website. The first step was auditing their content – while some content just needed an update, we found other content, like staff bios, was completely missing. We like to provide our clients content to review outside of the website design to allow them to focus on the words and ensure the content tells their story.

Preschool Website Development

With content nearly final, it was on to the homepage. The homepage always sets the tone for the entire site. It’s important for our clients to love the homepage before we move on to other pages to avoid repeating something that will need to be changed later.

Mary-Go-Round Preschool Website built by Roots Digital

The homepage is bright, fresh and colorful. While the rounded text and buttons have a playful feel, the site is well organized and informative making it easy for families to find the information they need. With the homepage in great shape, we built out the rest of the site.

Mary-Go-Round Preschool website Sub Pages

While the site’s primary purpose is to inform those families looking for a preschool, it also houses resources for families currently sending their children to Mary-Go-Round. One of our, and our clients’, favorite pages features their work with service dogs. This wonderful program helps train these service-dogs-to-be to be around children, but it also serves to teach the children compassion and kindness.

Mary-Go-Round Preschool Website Service Dogs Page

Once all the pages are approved, we still have work to do optimizing the site. We make sure every page looks great on mobile devices, making sure site speed is fast, and update SEO metadata to help the site appear in search engines.

Finally, it’s time to launch and a seamless, overnight switch pushes the new site out into the world.

Since the site launched new branding for Mary-Go-Round, we also made sure to update images, logos and important information on their Google My Business profile and provided assistance with Facebook updates.

We love supporting local businesses with new sites, especially ones right in our home state of New Hampshire. If you are looking for an amazing preschool in Hooksett, NH, be sure to check out Mary-Go-Round Preschool Learning Center. If you’d like to learn more about how we work with local businesses, check out our process page.